Drupal Theme

The Drupal Theme implements the new ISU Template for Drupal 7.x.

How to Install

  1. Extract and copy the iastate_theme/ directory to <drupal-root>/sites/<site-name>/themes/. Replace <drupal-root> and <site-name> with the appropriate directory names.
  2. Go to the Admin » Appearance page.
  3. From there you can enable the Iowa State University theme.

Note: Please do not modify any of the package contents. This will ensure you can update the package later on without causing any conflicts. Create a sub-theme instead if you'd like to extend the theme's functionalities.

Note: The current template of makes use of php short open tags <?=. This is always available in PHP 5.4. Short open tags must enabled in PHP 5.3 and below for this theme to work.


The $front_page variable is used as the front page link. The $site_name variable is used as the site title.

The $site_slogan, if set, will be used as the site's tagline.


Top Strip Sign-ons

Sign-on links in the top strip.

Top Strip Directory

Directory and map links in the top strip.

Top Strip Index

Alpha index links in the top strip.

Ribbon Nameplate

ISU nameplate in the red ribbon.

Search Block

By default, the theme displays the ISU GSA search form in the red ribbon. You can toggle this off and then display the default drupal search block in its place.

Additionally, you can configure the GSA search form to search only your site, or all of ISU.

Navigation Bar

You can place a menu item inside this region to display a drop-down menu. Make sure to enable the Show as expanded option for links that contain child items.


You can include an <h1> element in this region to display a title for sub-sections of your site.


Use this region to display your menus and navigation items. This sidebar will collapse when viewed on phones (and if the responsive layout is enabled).

Above Content

Content to be displayed right above the main page content.


Use this region to display your main page content.


Use this region to display content related to your main page content. This region is displayed in a multi-column format to the right of the main page content on desktops and tablets. On phones the layout switches to a single-column format and the aside is displayed right after the main page content.

The width for this region can be adjusted using the Aside column width option.

Before Footer

Use this region to include content right before the page footer.


By default, this region displays the standard footer text. You can disable the default snippt and include a block in the footer containing paragraphs of customized footer and copyright text.

After Footer

Use this region to include content right after the page footer.


The theme is set up with some default options that can be changed from the admin settings panel. The following simple options are available:

Search settings

Configure the ISU GSA search form.

Default region content

The regions listed in this section will contain HTML content by default. You can toggle them off and then replace it with your own custom blocks.

Responsive layout

By default, the theme will use the responsive layout. This can be toggled on and off using the Use the responsive layout option.

Column settings

You can control the width of the Aside region from this panel. The width is a percentage of the total content pane width.

Extending the Theme

You will need to create a sub-theme in order to customize the theme beyond what is available by default.


Simply set the base theme property to iastate_theme in your sub-theme's .info file:

name = My Sub Theme
core = 7.x
base theme = iastate_theme


You must copy over the following region section from the base theme since sub-themes do not inherit regions from a parent theme.

; Regions          ;

regions[wd_topstrip_signons] = Top Strip Sign-Ons
regions[wd_topstrip_directory] = Top Strip Directory
regions[wd_topstrip_index] = Top Strip Index

regions[wd_ribbon_nameplate] = Ribbon Nameplate
regions[site_search] = Search Block
regions[wd_ribbon_title] = Site Title
regions[wd_ribbon_tagline] = Site Tagline

regions[nav_bar] = Navigation Bar

regions[titlebar] = Titlebar

regions[sidebar_first] = Sidebar

regions[above_content] = Above Content
regions[right_corner] = Right Corner
regions[help] = Help
regions[content] = Content
regions[sidebar_right] = Aside

regions[wd_before_footer] = Before Footer
regions[footer] = Footer
regions[wd_after_footer] = After Footer