HTML Template

The iastate-theme package contains the public assets (image, stylesheet) and php class needed to quickly create new pages using the ISU Template.

The iastate-theme package contains the public assets (image, stylesheet) and sample html files for the ISU Template.


Included in the package are the following files:

 |-- css/
 |    `-- base.css
 |-- img/
 |    `-- sprite.png
 |-- favicon.ico
 `-- hompage.html


The sample html includes the responsive design by default. In order to disable that you must do the following:

  1. Remove the .responsive class from the <body> tag (Line 14)
  2. Remove the viewport <meta> tag (Line 8)
  3. Remove the Responsive design <script> tag (Line 168)
  4. Remove all elements with the .responsive-toggles class (Line 21, 75)


The sample html includes the left sidebar by default. In order to remove the sidebar do the following:

  1. Remove the .wd-show-sidebar class from the <body> tag (Line 14)
  2. Remove the .isu-sidebar element (Line 73)


  • (v1.4.67, 2016-11-04, 70KiB)
    • Font Awesome to 4.6.1
    • Fixed NavBar
    • Fixed TopStripMenu Event Handling
  • (v1.4.44, 2016-01-11, 68KiB)
    • Added "shim" components for compatability with Bootstrap.
    • Updated FontAwesome to 4.5.0.
    • Changed sidebar menu chevrons to FontAwesome glyphs that can be styled.
  • (v1.4.36, 2015-09-08, 66KiB)
    • Changed Outlook link in header from to
    • Rounded corner for active chevron on sub-nav links
    • Removed overflow-scroll on paginator table container
    • Fixed margin for buttons in chrome
    • Updated font-awesome version
    • Linked footer to org-url
  • (v1.4.31, 2015-09-08, 66KiB)
    • Added responsive_disable_large option (refer to documentation)
    • Fixed bug in navigation rendering to activate only the most active trail(s)
    • Mark active items in dropdown navigation with selected attribute
    • Add chevrons to items in top strip menu to denote dropdowns
    • Use actual <button> tags for responsive toggles for accessibility
  • (v1.4.22, 2015-09-08, 66KiB)
    • Focus/blur search box when toggled on/off in mobile view
    • Added .wd-Grid--fitToFill layout (refer to documentation)
    • Added .wd-Grid--alignXXX alignment options (refer to documentation)
    • Off canvas sidebar now scrolls by itself separate from the page content. Allows for sidebars longer than content.
  • (v1.4.13, 2015-09-08, 67KiB)
    • Fix sidebar pattern and nopattern options to properly match regex
    • Make sure sidebar node and subnav is not rendered if none of the child links are rendered
    • Rename skip anchor from #content to #skip-content to prevent collisions
    • Change dropdown styles to light theme and add border between nodes
  • (v1.4.8, 2015-09-08, 67KiB)
    • Added .wd-Grid--reverse and .wd-Grid--XXXPrint layouts (refer to documentation)
    • Overflow of items in the top toolbar now scrollable in mobile view
    • Refactor navigation styles and cut down bloat
  • (v1.4.1, 2015-09-08, 80KiB)
    • Fix regressions in navigation component
    • Add IE8 support for grid layouts
  • (v1.4.0, 2015-09-08, 78KiB)
    • Refactor class names to be more structured and use bem naming convention
    • Allow zooming via viewport meta tag
    • Disable off-canvas element animations on mobile devices
    • Revamped grid component (refer to documentation)
    • Revamped button component (refer to documentation)
  • (v1.3.6, 2015-09-08, 55KiB)
    • Fix favicon for mobile
    • Added theme_asset_path option separate from user asset_path option (refer to documentation)
    • Added drop shadow between sidebar and content pane
  • (v1.3.5, 2015-09-08, 54KiB)
    • setOptions should merge arrays with numeric keys instead of replacing them
  • (v1.3.4, 2015-09-08, 54KiB)
    • Updated .clearfix method
    • Don't hide overflow in content pane by default
    • Heading font sizes bumped down
    • Version number now appended to asset URLs
  • (v1.3.2, 2015-09-08, 54KiB)
    • Responsive css and html
    • Classes to toggle responsive visibility (refer to examples)
    • Lock mobile zooming
    • Add 'responsive' config option