WordPress Theme

The WordPress Theme implements the new ISU Template for WordPress 3.0+.

How to Install

  1. Extract and copy the iastatetheme/ directory to <wordpress-root>/wp-content/themes/.
  2. Go to the Admin » Appearance » Themes page.
  3. From there you can preview and activate the Iowa State University theme.

Note: Please do not modify any of the package contents. This will ensure you can update the package later on without causing any conflicts. Create a child theme instead if you'd like to extend the theme's functionalities.


The theme is set up with some default options that can be changed from the admin panels. The following simple options are available:

  • The ribbon shows the site title on the left hand side.
    • Configurable from Admin » Settings
  • The red ribbon shows the ribbon-widget-area (Search).
    • Configurable from Admin » Appearance » Widgets
  • The left sidebar shows the sidebar-widget-area (Menu, Pages, etc.).
    • Configurable from Admin » Appearance » Widgets
  • The footer displays the blog tagline.
    • Configurable from Admin » Settings

Extending the Theme

You will need to create a child theme in order to customize the theme beyond what is available through the above configuration options.


Simply set the Template property to iastatetheme in your child theme configuration and make sure to import the parent style.css file.

 Theme Name:  My Custom Theme
 Template:    iastatetheme

@import url("../iastatetheme/style.css");



All Webdev specific template files are stored in the theme's wd/ directory. Simply create a file with the same pathname in your child theme directory and you will be able to override that particular part of the theme.

For example, if we wanted to override the page footer content we would need to create a file with the pathname wd/footer/pagefooter/content.php in our child theme directory:

// mycustomtheme/wd/footer/pagefooter/content.php

<p><?php bloginfo('description') ?></p>
<p>Copyright &copy; 1995-<?= date('Y') ?>, Iowa State University of Science and Technology. All rights reserved.</p>


  • iastatetheme-1.0.4.zip (v1.0.4, 2014-05-07, 147KB)
    • Update to match latest base theme
    • Use actual <button> tags for accessibility
  • iastatetheme-1.0.1.zip (v1.0.1, 2013-12-09, 224KB)
    • Remove empty comment area from markup if comments are closed
    • Remove margin from last item in a list of posts